Maritime industrial cooperation Norway-Russia

Russia and Norway have more than 1 000 year of peaceful co-existence and with common borders both on land and at sea. For more than 50 years, successful sustainable harvesting of the fish resources in the Barents Sea has been implemented, making the Barents Sea a renewable resource rich ocean located close to important markets. Russian fishing quota systems are presently undergoing reforms, and a new quota system is scheduled to be implemented from 2018. Russian authorities acknowledge that substantial reforms should lead to renewal of the aging Russian fishing fleet. The process is high on the agenda in the Russian Government and timing for re-positioning Norwegian ships and initial discussions about industrial cooperation within maritime sector is optimal at the moment.
To achieve this requires promotion and positioning in the Russian market of Norwegian ships gear, shipyards and design. Further on, proposals for continued long term renewals of the Russian fishing fleet - as well as discussions regarding long-term financing and larger maritime industry integration packages on high-level discussions will be conducted. This is the back drop of the various topics and discussions that are planned throughout the parallel session "Maritime industrial cooperation Norway-Russia".

Moderator: Mr. Yrjar Garshol, Vice President Marketing, Rolls-Royce Marine AS
Moderator: Dr. Nikolay Shavrov, Director, Innovation Norway, St. Petersburg office


By Moderators of the session


New quota system and possible new building programs for the Russian fishing industry
By By a representative from the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation or the Council of the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation

14:15-14:25 Norwegian Maritime Strategy: Prospects and possibilities for Norwegian-Russian maritime industrial cooperation
By Ms. Birgit Løyland, Director General, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway

Maritime clusters. Development of cooperation with Norwegian partners
By Mr. Sergei Shumskikh, Business Development Director, Nevsky Shipyard LLC

14:32-14:39 Industry cooperation within the maritime industry – success stories from ongoing
conversion and upgrading of the Russian fishing fleet.
By Mr. Rolf Fiskerstrand, CEO, Fiskerstrand Shipyard


Experiences from industrial cooperation with Northern Norway
By Ms. Irina Mokerova, Deputy Director, Robinzon, Murmansk


Vyborg Shipyard – the optimal partner for cooperation with the Norwegian maritime
By Mr. Alexander Solovyev, General Director, Vyborg Shipyard PJSC


Upgrading and new building program for Russian fishing industry – potential for
integrated maritime equipment packages
By Mr. Monrad Hide, Vice President, Sales & Contract Customer Management-SPV,
Rolls-Royce Marine


Export of maritime technology to the Russian market – perspectives for
implementation of effective equipment for the Russian fishing fleet
By Ms. Tove Pettersen, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Rapp Marine


Financial guarantees as a mechanism for strengthening bilateral business
cooperation within shipbuilding sector
By Mr. Ståle Torgersbråten, General Counsel, GIEK - the Norwegian Export Credit
Guarantee Agency


Emergency preparedness in the North - the need for Russian-Norwegian cooperation in search and rescue (SAR) operations
By Mr. Morten Mejlænder-Larsen, Discipline Leader, Arctic Operation and Technology, DNV GL

15:24-16:15 Discussion/Panel


  *Program is subject to change.