Research and Development

Since the early 1990s a broad cooperation has taken place between Norwegian and Russian research and educational institutions.
The Norwegian government annually allocate substantial funding as well for enhancing Norwegian knowledge about the giant neighbor.
Research cooperation regarding fisheries, oil & gas exploration, transport and logistics, safety and environmental issues in the Russian and Norwegian High North are constantly developed.
Russian students are today the largest foreign student group in Norway, and at Norwegian universities both in the Norwegian High North and in the South of Norway you can meet Russian employees, students and hear the Russian language spoken.
However, what can we expect in the future in a troublesome political climate? Will there be continued R &D cooperation, or are the heydays history? And what measures are the authorities in Norway initiating towards an increased number of Norwegian student to Russia. And are Russian universities climbing up on the international rankings? What are Russian authorities doing and what are the plans. Join the session and be updated.

Session Program in English for download (pdf)

Программа на русском языке для скачивания (pdf)

Moderator: Mr. Kenneth Ruud, Vice Rector Science, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Moderator: Mr. Vladimir Pavlenko, Chairman of the Federal Research Center for Integrated studies
of the Arctic, RAS; Vice-President, International Arctic Science Committee

By Moderators of the session


Scientific & industrial bilateral cooperation as a prerequisite for further growth
and value creation for ocean-related industry sectors
By Mr. Salve Dahle, Director, Akvaplan-niva


Joint applied research projects in the Arctic
By Mr. Vladimir Pavlenko, Chairman of the Federal Research Center for Integrated
studies of the Arctic, RAS; Vice-President, International Arctic Science Committee


Arctic shipping used for clean and sustainable energy production
By Mr. Henrik Falck, Project Manager, Tschudi Shipping Company

14:35-14:45 New strategies for sustainable utilization and development of the ocean’s resources
By Mr. Fridtjof Fossum Unander, Executive Director, Division for Energy, Resources and the Environment, the Research Council of Norway


Crabs going first class worldwide – innovation in extensive aquaculture farming
By Mr. Svein Ruud, CEO, Norway King Crab


Stimulating business cooperation through education and research
By Professor Anatoli Bourmistrov, High North Center, Nord University Business School


Synergy of business and academia
By Ms. Julia Solovyova, Deputy Director, Director of International Master Program MiBA-ToM, International School of Economics and Politics, Branch of St. Petersburg State Economic University
By Ms. Elizaveta Rangert, Lecturer, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics/Director, Scandinavian University


Building a strong partnership between Russia and Norway in Health Sciences
By Ms. Hilde Irene Nebb, Vice Dean Science/Professor, Medical Faculty, University
of Oslo


R&D  a main tool to enhance industrial growth within Artic Cooperation
By Ms. Tatiana Savinova, Senior Advisor, Offices of the Rector and the University
Director, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

15:35-16:15 Discussion/Panel


  *Program is subject to change.