Russian Industry, Economy and Eurasian Development

Economic cooperation between Norway and the Russian Federation has experienced positive developments the last 20 years. A significant number of companies from Norwegian side are involved in the market. Less Russian companies to Norway, but the larger Russian oil and gas corporations are all today active on the Norwegian continental shelf. We have one common challenge – there is a significant lack of diversification in bilateral trade. Therefore, when restrictive measures were introduced in 2014, the consequences for Norwegian export to the neighboring market dropped to export level as in the beginning of the 1990s. Russian export to Norway, however, can note more positive developments in spite of the present trade obstacles. Time has come for diversification both in respect to commodities crossing borders as well as a need for strengthened B2B developments between SMEs and cooperation with more regions in the vast Russian market This session focus on these opportunities, and mainly with Russian speakers informing about economic developments of importance in the Russian market and presentation of business opportunities in regional Russia. Do not miss the session.

 Session Program in English for download (pdf)

Программа на русском языке для скачивания (pdf)

Moderator: Mr. Jarle Forbord, Managing Director, NRCC
Moderator: Mr. Vladimir Padalko, Vice President, CCI of Russia


By Moderators of the session

14:05-14:20 The Russian banking system – adapting to the market situation. Steps for further
By Mr. Dmitry Lyakishev, Head of the International Department, Bank of Russia (TBC)

14:20-14:35 Eurasian Economic Commission – benefits of united customs regulations for
Norwegian companies.
By Mr. Anton Azarov, Head of Section for International Interaction,
Integration Development Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) TBC


SME support system of Russian Small and Medium Business Corporation
By Mr. Nikita Bantsekin, Member of the Managing Board, Head of PR and International Cooperation Directorate, Russian Small and Medium Business Corporation


Legal instruments to mitigate risks in Russia
By Mr. Sergey Seliverstov, Partner, Sokolov, Maslov & Partners Law Firm


What effect oil price drop has on economic development of Russia and other oil exporters
By Ms. Natalia Porokhova, Head of Research and Forecasting Group, Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA)


Murmansk – a “home market” for Norwegian businesses
By Mr. Anatoly Glushkov, President, Northern CCI, Murmansk


Protecting and ensuring the interests of Norwegian investors in the Russian financial market
By Ms. Marina Sakovich, Head of North-West representative office, GrottBjorn


Contemporary Russian-Norwegian economic and business relations
By Mr. Pavel Seleznev, Director of the Institute for Development Projects, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation


Khanty-Mansi region – Business opportunities for Norwegian companies in the
Arctic region
By Mr. Igor Chertov, President, CCI of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area

15:45-16:15 Discussion/Panel


 *Program is subject to change.